BISP PMT Poverty Score check online 2023-24

Benazir Kafalat program is available at your service with a huge update regarding Rs 9,000.

Those who are still not getting the money. They will read today’s article carefully.

Because in today’s article, you are going to tell the solution to a very big problem, and in the same article you are going to tell such an online method regarding checking the score.

Through which you can check your PMT score yourself sitting at home. And that too through a very simple procedure and you know that your eligibility is determined by looking after an installment of Rs 9,000. And your status is updated. Whether you get the money or not. You will be eligible or ineligible and most people do not know how much their PMT score is. Now after reading this article, you will know your own PMT score.

That is why if you want to register yourself for an installment of Rs 9,000 or have already registered, you have become ineligible. Or are under scrutiny and are not getting an installment of Rs 9,000. He will read today’s article carefully if you want to file your complaint or want to know yourself to solve this problem.


Through this, you can know your PMT score. You can check your poverty. So for this, you have to open the mobile. I just request you to think a little bit. You will open the Play Store from your mobile. And in the search bar, you will write citizen portal. Citizen Portal you will write will come up so here you are seeing an app is Pakistan Citizen Portal. You have to install it. We’ve already installed it. So let’s open it. After doing so, the registration form will come in front of you. Where you have to create your account.


And let us and we are told our PMT score and how much our poverty score is. If you write it here in Urdu, it will be better. If you write another Roman Urdu like this, then that is also the best rack, then you have to give the details of your complaints here in good words, then the complaint location that you will also write your address on your identity card here.

After this, sorry forgot to mention that in the complaint details that you have here, here you will also mention your identity card the problem coming on this identity card of ours has been disabled or in the check, and we want to know the PMT score, then you have to write it here. Then you have different options in front of you. You have to give the compliant location. Provence, you have to select.

The province you belong to gets the show here. So you will click whatever it is Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa whatever it is. They’ll select you. And in the district, you will select your district. Then you will select your province when it means in front of you here. So your district list will also be open here. After that, the tehsil will select. All right. You have to keep in mind when you are entering this location of yours.

So ah on this, the location option of your mobile GPS lets it turn you on. It’s also showing our location here. At the same time, you are being given the option of choosing file here, ok you will click on choose file and here if you have any document of your own or if you have an NSCR slip or token, they can also attach it with you. It will be very helpful to look at your case. At the same time, you hide my identity who it is here.

If you have to click on it, you can’t do it. Because it’s optional. And then you also see it written here that uploading illegal or unethical content may face litigation. You don’t have to write anything wrong here. Nor do you have to upload such a picture.

So that your problem can be solved very easily. When you’ve done it all. Then you are being given the option here. As soon as you remove it from here, all your details will also reach the ISP office and your information will be seen from there. You’ll also be told why you’ve been disqualified or why you’re still under scrutiny.

PMT Score Stats
And how much is your PMT score? Full details can be provided to you here. So this was the complete procedure that you have told you that through this app you can get your PMT score checked.

When you easily sand this application, Insha Allah within about three weeks of the submission, you will see a notification on a return app and you can also check the status of your application that is your complaint or what you have sanded the application here.

Checking the score will tell you about a new app and the complete procedure to check your score while providing your information through it. Let’s give you a big update before that. One is that the dynamics survey is going to start very soon. through which all those who have already been disqualified or are under scrutiny. They will be made part of the Benazir Kafala program.

Benazir kafalat program PMT Complaint on Web Portal
So now I’m going to tell you the complete procedure. If you have made the account, you sample here the option you are being given. the complaint. You have to click on it and then click on the ok option, the above is telling you that respected citizens this category can not be processed on any category other than complaint here only for registering complaints.

So you have to okay it ok then here you are being given a plus option. You have to click on it. You have a pencil option again. Where new complete is written. So you have to click it. After that, you are given two options. You have written a personal grieving grievance on the top. The complaint or personal is written here. You have to click ok after that ok will do it. So different options will be shown in front of you.

Select category. L.A. Next one is written ok then you can see. That here different options have been shown in front of you. Here you have to see the Ehsaas program when the Benazir Income Support Program is ok. So this Benazir income support program is being implemented in front of you. There’s also a feeling program.

But you will also select the ISP. After selecting here you get different options shown in front of you. Above you have to give the title ok. You’ll write here. BISP kafalat program. The Kafalat program PMT score check is fine. You have to write it here. Well then you don’t give any more ministries here, that’s all you have to write. Then comes the poverty alleviation this option is ok. You should not click on it because it is already selected.

The BISP has already come forward in category two. Ah in Category L3 you have to click here. Now you will select the NICR-related issue here. Then the details of the complaint. In the complaint description, you will write the same case. That we are already registered with this program but we have not been qualified. What’s the reason for that?

Benazir Kafalat Program PMT Score updates
The good news is that their PMT score, which is the poverty score, should be less than thirty-seven or thirty-seven. And remember that before that only people with thirty-two scores were made part of the Benazir kafalat program. Now this limit has been slightly extended and widened.

Now those whose poverty score will be less than thirty-seven or thirty-seven. They will be made part of the Benazir kafalat program and installments of Rs 9,000 will also be released. So now let’s move on to this method of yours.

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